Your most reliable partner in everything and everywhere

Our team of dynamic, customer-oriented, experienced staff is ready to establish long-term cooperation in several business areas. Your business is as important to us as ours and therefore we do everything to make you satisfied.


Our distinctive feature is that we do not offer standard tour packages, we tailor the tour to you — to your individual requirement. As a result, you get exceptional vacation, enriching and inspiring your life with new impressions. In addition to services for the organization of internal and external tourist trips, an important focus of our activity is business tourism, associated with the organization and conduct of business trips, meetings, negotiations and presentations.


We offer a full range of logistics and transportation services such as door to door delivery, export and import customs clearance, as well as multimodal services, including a combination of several types of transport in the process of delivery of goods. Our goal is to cover the vast geography of the points of departure and destination, offering various logistic solutions and at the same time keeping the cost price low, attracting various vehicles on transport routes.

No matter what you need, when and where you need it, we will deliver it for you.


We provide comprehensive supply for hotels, as well as sanatoriums, saunas, health and spa complexes in non-food products. Our task is to explore the domestic and foreign markets, and offer our customers the highest quality product at the most competitive price, thereby allowing them to save time searching for goods. We do not stop at what has been achieved and are constantly expanding the scope of services based on customer preferences and increasing market demands.